Dark Rift

from by AVANT DUEL

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Dark Rift

Play this track Backwards in order to hear the words!

The Eyes of the Eternal Future dangle on the Immortal tentacles above her Majestic Head. Her Cosmic Face speaks of a horrifying date in Human Time. This date is December 21, 2012 - a date written in Stone, thousands of years ago by an Extraterrestrial Secret Society and approved by the Mayan Indians, just to name a few. It is called the Dark Rift. It was written from calculation of the Stars that on this day an endless force of Energy will cause the Sun to disappear for a total of 40 years and introduce Chaos & Destruction like the torment of Hell to revolving images on Earth. No more will your Heart sing with Passion & Delight. Instead, you will scream with Terror & Fright. The Sun, in never-ending Eclipse will create an eternal Eclipse and a prefect Alignment of Planets. The Galactic Alignment of the Sun with the Galaxy will line up with perfect precision and prepare to attack the Earth with the wrath of Insanity, Fire and the treachery of a Satan like Circus, filled with Evil Surprises that will allow polarities to shift, causing continents to move and even disappear. A new Ice Age will put all living things in Freeze Frame Mode. The final Eclipse of the Sun will blacken the skies for 40 years. Impending Doom & Unlimitless Diabolical Power hang over the Earth's Head, even now as you hear these words. All your desires will burn away as the Earth shrinks and your body drips away, getting smaller and smaller. Centered in the Great Majestic Ball of Endless Holograms is the Great & Magnificent Cosmic Rock Band - AVANT DUEL! They hold the Seeds of Enlightenment inside the Sounds of their Eternal Enlightenment inside the Sounds of their Eternal Music. The Embryonic Seeds of New Life for the New World - their Eternal Music is the LAST SOUND THE EARTH WILL HEAR before the Dark Rift enters with the Fury of a thousand Hells. As all of this Chaos prevails, the Sound of AVANT DUEL will become the Destroyer of the Dark Rift and the Savior of the New World. Open your Hearts and let the Sounds enter your Souls.
It is your Destiny!

Words by VON LMO
Music by VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins
© 2012


from BEYOND HUMAN, released March 10, 2012



all rights reserved



VON LMO (pronounced VON ELMO) is an extraterrestrial hybrid, NO WAVE Pioneer, a Multi-Instrumentalist, Professor of Surrealism, Master of the Avant Garde, Psychic Visionary & "A NY Institution" - The NY Daily News. Otto von Ruggins, self-proclaimed Master of the Unheard Øf encountered VON LMO in the mid-'60s. They were together on & off over the last century as "The most dangerous band."-Punk Mag ... more

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