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Parallel Universe I'm suspended in Animation I'm drifting in the City of Space I'm moving backwards inside a vacuum The Hallucinations become my Reality The Shapes & Colors of another Life Blind my Eyes with déjà vu Distorted Mirrors reflect two Worlds I can see myself in another Place I'm looking through the window of my old House I can see my Mother giving Birth to me I'm crying - I'm in my Mother's arms I can see myself on the Other side I can feel myself on the Other Side I can touch myself on the Other Side But I'm still standing, way over Here And yet I see myself way over There I'm living in a Parallel Universe I'm walking through the Embryonic Door There is something that I should mention It's my sensational Great Intention To take you over to the Other Side Get ready for the Ultimate Ride I'm living in a Parallel Universe Where everything I do, I know I did before C'mon jump - jump to the Other Side... Words VON LMO Music VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins © 2010
A Robot’s Dream The Paranoia of My Reality Asks the question, "What is real?" Is my Life just an Hallucination Or a Magician's Trick - a Mad Creation I Dream of becoming Human To take off the Mask of Science I'm told that I will never Die My Perception of Truth is just a Lie My Implanted Memory has a Soul Indistinguishable from everyone I can laugh and cry - I'm quite delirious From the sum of my total Experience Projected surfaces with a million Images Digital movements on an Invisible File My Precognition can see no end In my Predestination - I'll be my own Friend In a Mirror World where Life unfolds There's another Universe that can be seen I can be in two places at the same Time Creating Hexagrams in my own Design Multi-fragments on the Fringe Puts me on the Edge of Nowhere Technology struggles to the very end As I drift into Space I watch Light bend The Evolution - The Transformation The Paranoia - The Schizophrenia The Possibility of what is not The Delusion - A Reality - or just a Dream I'm Dreaming at last! Inside another Dream of another Dream A Robot's Dream from some Implanted Memory I even have a Soul I can Touch...I can Feel I even look real It seems I'm very confused Perhaps I'll never know If I am real Or is this just a Robot's Dream I don't want to know In my Robot's Dream - I can be real I have a Soul I can Touch & Feel In my Robot's Dream - I can be real I have a Soul I can Touch & Feel In my Robot's Dream - I can be real I have a Soul I can Touch & Feel In my Robot's Dream - I can be real I have a Soul I can Touch & Feel Words by VON LMO Music by VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins © 2011
Hologram Girl Let me tell you 'bout my Hologram Girl She puts me in a whirl She's my 3D Doll She's got Radio Waves She's Hotter than Fire She's a real live wire She does the Body Electric She's got that Infrared Smile She's so incredible to touch That's why I love her so much She's my Hologram Girl She can split the Atoms With every single Kiss She's got Radioactive Lips My Hologram Girl... Words by VON LMO Music by VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins © 2010
Pychodelica 06:28
PSYCHODELICA I don't feel attached to my body Time has stopped I have no idea where I am Nightmares keep me wide awake Everything is Kaleidoscoping upon itself I'm on a trip to Hell I'm having a psychotic breakdown My mind is spinning My arms are tangled in a knot My body is turned inside out The ceiling is melting The floor is shaking I feel the Patterns of the Shapes The Shapes of Colors in the Space I can taste the Sound of Light Everything is amplified Radio signals from another world Shatter all my thoughts Radar reception in my Brain Could this be a Magician's Trick Psychodelica Psychodelica My Brain is cracked My tongue is split My body is dissolving I can slip inside a Needle's Eye I'm 90 billion Light Years away My sense of Humor is in your line of Fire I'm the forgotten Invisible Man I drink the Black Nectar of the Gods Diabolical shadows jump off the wall I'm just a sub-particle of Dust Lost in a vast Alien Constellation Drifting in & out of Sleep Paralysis Is this a Mad Magician's Trick? Words by VON LMO Music by VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins © 2011
Android Delusion I ask you, am I Human? Or am I an Android? I'm trapped in Confusion My Life is a Fusion Of Flesh & Machine My Soul isn't clean My Mind is obscene It's a Manic Intrusion I've got an Android Delusion... Motor Cortex with Neutron signals Electrodes surface from my Brain Telekinetics drive me insane My thoughts will control all things Objects are flying without any wings Electroid Computer chips flow through my arm They're taking me away to the Android Farm Cyberkinetics without wires Fuels the Human & fans the Fires It takes away all Human desires It's just a Manic Deadly Intrusion It's a really bad Android Delusion So what if I can Live Forever It's no Fun without a Life Endeavor It's just a Manic Deadly Intrusion I've got a bad Android Delusion... Words by VON LMO Music by VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins © 2011
The Uncreated The Uncreated hides deep inside a Vacuum In Timeless Space, inside a Reverse Hole It will arrive in a huge explosion of negative & positive particles And vaporize in your Mind All things known to humanity will dissolve into the Great & Magnificent Uncreated! The shrouded curtain is ripped apart It reveals the secret of everything Invisible Dimensions trap gravity A Star dies in Space & a Hole in Space appears The fabric of Space has no boundaries Like a puddle of Rainbows in the hot Sun All things will disappear It becomes expansion in reverse of Space, Matter & Time It appears in the Relativity of Time itself The moment of Creation wraps itself around the Magnificent Reverse Quantum Mechanics & triggers the Great & Unstoppable Uncreated! The Uncreated is Born! And it will never Die! Words VON LMO Music VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins © 2011
ElectroMagnetic Playground The Universe drips inside my Brain Jet Propulsion lifts my spirits up Kaleidoscopic faces melt like wax I've got my Anti-Matter Generator It provides the fuel that makes me fly Gamma Rays try to eat up my matter Genetic Monsters cannot mutate my cells Nano Web Bots spark their poison Autonominous Games play their tricks Exo-Skeletons with Super Powers Display their Hydrolic Brains My Death Ray Gun protects my world I cannot be destroyed! - I'm Indestructible! I cannot be destroyed! - I'm Indestructible! In my ElectroMagnetic Playground I'm hanging out with Nikola Tesla We're moving Planets with our Super Sonic Sound There is no Gravity to hold us down We are Invisible in our own Dimension We move in Wormholes throughout the Universe We travel faster than the Speed of Light Albert Einstein is our guide We don't need wires in our Infinite Space We don't even need the Human Race! After the break, VON LMO has a conversation about Reverse Quantum Physics with the great Nikola Tesla (conversation not available) Words by VON LMO Music by VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins © 2010
Two Faces Beware When the Planet Venus passes through the Sun The Future will be told Mutilations of the Soul Brings new life to behold Electroditius - Radion With Smoke & Mirrors from beyond As I look into the Mirror I can see - two of me Oblivious - as I fade into a puff of Smoke Silent & Deadly I become a ripple of Distortion In a Kaleidoscopic Maze A Train pulls into The Red Haze In my Crystal Mirror...I gaze I dream of the two faces Two faces beware One of you is me The other trapped in Fear Soaked in Isolation Afraid of Revelation Two faces beware TWO FACES BEWARE! Words by VON LMO Music by VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins © 2011
Alien PlayStation Imagine that your whole Life has been a lie Imagine that the entire Universe was just a figment Of your Imagination in some Unknown Dimension Imagine that you are merely a Virtual character In an Alien PlaystStation Game Imagine that you are just a Computer Chip Manipulated by a Joystick and a Button Your thought patterns are Artificial They're controlled by Telekinetic Energy Twisting & sliding inside some advanced Alien Brain You appear to have a Sixth Sense As your simulated thoughts merge into A Collective Consciousness to create Virtual Realtime Data Which deviates a Virtual Global Consciousness In one push of the Joystick Quantum Mechanics go astray Order becomes Chaos Let the Games begin! You're trapped in an Alien PlayStation You're just a Simulation A figment of some Dark Imagination A mere Virtual Creation There's no Moon - No sky - No Sun They press a button and your Day is done You can protest if you dare Remember they can make you disappear Advanced Rays of Kaleidoscopic Lasers Ripple inside Alien Computer Chips Moving backwards in Space & Time from The Future creating Images of an Artificial World Of characters, places and things A Giant Computer screen Somewhere beyond Nowhere Holds the entire Universe Prisoner Push the Joystick Press the Buttons They make you Fly They make you Die Somewhere in a Cardboard Sky Words by VON LMO Music by VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins © 2011
Turn Off The Gravity Turn off the Gravity Let yourself go Turn off the Gravity It's Time for your Big Show Turn off the Gravity Let yourself go Turn off the Gravity You can fly away Turn off the Gravity You will never fall Turn off the Gravity You can lick the sky Turn off the Gravity Watch yourself fly Turn off the Gravity You can lick the sky Turn off the Gravity Let yourself go Turn off the Gravity Nothing can hold you down Turn off the Gravity Lift up off the ground Turn off the Gravity Set yourself Free Let yourself go Words by VON LMO Music by VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins © 2010
Conscious Machine (free) 02:28
Conscious Machine His Titanium Soul is Eternal He’s a Magician without a Trick He can inflict a bit of a Human touch He’s half Human & half Machine Half Human & Half Machine He’s Half Human & half Machine He’s a Spectacle in Mass Confusion He’s an Android Delusion It’s like a Robot Intrusion He can walk, he can talk, he can think He’s just a Conscious Machine He’s a Conscious Machine He’s a Conscious Machine Words by VON LMO Music by VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins © 2011
Beyond Human 11:44
Beyond Human This is not Science Fiction! There's no place for Darwin here! There's no Species of Reproduction Just Condemnation with Inescapable Fate The Unnatural Selection of Flesh & Machine It's the Next Evolution - it's not a Dream Euphoria! Ecstasy! Emotionless! Utopia! No more Passion for Love & Hate! Way beyond the Paranormal! Far above the Supernatural! The Dark Nature of Humanity has surpassed the Human Soul Beyond the Realm of Fantasy Below the Flames of Hell Light & Sound dissolve into a million tiny Crystals Test Tubes bubble over in a Centrifuge Filled with the Alchemy of Illusion Cosmic Explosions expand into a new form - of Life Mind Bending Drugs Transform your Flesh into Machine Circuits push your Imagination to the Endpoint of Eternity They are the Reflectors You are the Absorbers They are the Reflectors You are the Absorbers The Prism of your Palette tastes no more The new Doctrine creates a Portal - Way beyond the Beyond You become The Perceiver - The Receiver - The Deceiver! Now the Turmoil begins!!! Look into the Eyes of Illumination Follow the Afterglow and bask in the Light Order rubs elbows with Chaos Whether it's Good or Evil - it's all Insane! You ask yourself What is BEYOND HUMAN? It's the Children of the Future Flesh & Blood Machines They may never Die! It's beyond your wildest Dreams... Way beyond Humanity Way beyond Human BEYOND HUMAN BEYOND HUMAN BEYOND HUMAN BEYOND HUMAN Reach out...touch The Face of are now an Extension of some Alien Machine... Reach out...Touch the Beyond... Go BEYOND HUMAN! Words by VON LMO Music by VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins © 2012
Dark Rift 03:42
Dark Rift Play this track Backwards in order to hear the words! The Eyes of the Eternal Future dangle on the Immortal tentacles above her Majestic Head. Her Cosmic Face speaks of a horrifying date in Human Time. This date is December 21, 2012 - a date written in Stone, thousands of years ago by an Extraterrestrial Secret Society and approved by the Mayan Indians, just to name a few. It is called the Dark Rift. It was written from calculation of the Stars that on this day an endless force of Energy will cause the Sun to disappear for a total of 40 years and introduce Chaos & Destruction like the torment of Hell to revolving images on Earth. No more will your Heart sing with Passion & Delight. Instead, you will scream with Terror & Fright. The Sun, in never-ending Eclipse will create an eternal Eclipse and a prefect Alignment of Planets. The Galactic Alignment of the Sun with the Galaxy will line up with perfect precision and prepare to attack the Earth with the wrath of Insanity, Fire and the treachery of a Satan like Circus, filled with Evil Surprises that will allow polarities to shift, causing continents to move and even disappear. A new Ice Age will put all living things in Freeze Frame Mode. The final Eclipse of the Sun will blacken the skies for 40 years. Impending Doom & Unlimitless Diabolical Power hang over the Earth's Head, even now as you hear these words. All your desires will burn away as the Earth shrinks and your body drips away, getting smaller and smaller. Centered in the Great Majestic Ball of Endless Holograms is the Great & Magnificent Cosmic Rock Band - AVANT DUEL! They hold the Seeds of Enlightenment inside the Sounds of their Eternal Enlightenment inside the Sounds of their Eternal Music. The Embryonic Seeds of New Life for the New World - their Eternal Music is the LAST SOUND THE EARTH WILL HEAR before the Dark Rift enters with the Fury of a thousand Hells. As all of this Chaos prevails, the Sound of AVANT DUEL will become the Destroyer of the Dark Rift and the Savior of the New World. Open your Hearts and let the Sounds enter your Souls. It is your Destiny! Words by VON LMO Music by VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins © 2012




released March 10, 2012

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VON LMO (pronounced VON ELMO) is an extraterrestrial hybrid, NO WAVE Pioneer, a Multi-Instrumentalist, Professor of Surrealism, Master of the Avant Garde, Psychic Visionary & "A NY Institution" - The NY Daily News. Otto von Ruggins, self-proclaimed Master of the Unheard Øf encountered VON LMO in the mid-'60s. They were together on & off over the last century as "The most dangerous band."-Punk Mag ... more

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